The University grants scholarship privileges as grants-in-aid to students who excel in their studies, as well as to those who qualify as members of USC varsity teams and USC performing arts groups, and to those who are financially deprived. Scholarships are likewise afforded to deserving students who meet the requirements of alumni associations, government and private scholarships benefactors. The Scholarship Program then at USC consists of those sponsored by the University, Alumni, Government and Private Institutions. Application Forms for Scholarships are to be obtained from the Office of Scholarships. Duly accomplished forms together with the specified requirements have to be submitted within the official registration period, unless otherwise specified.

As a general rule, scholarship grantees are not allowed double-scholarship at the same time. But, if there are those qualified for two scholarship funded only by the University, they can be entitled to the scholarship that provides the higher financial grant, upon the endorsement of the Office of Scholarship. However, those who are beneficiaries of a scholarship grant funded by other institutions, not by USC, or private individuals are entitled to also avail of a tuition fee discount privilege due them because of scholastic excellence (i.e., Graduation Honors and Dean’s Honors List) and membership in varsity teams and performing arts groups recognized by the University.

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